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ost this on Facebook wait a few days and collect your earnings today. We will be going over a passive income strategy that I know many of you have never seen before so keep reading to find out how it works. However, just before I tell you everything if you like this type of content then show your support by commenting on this article. Let’s now jump straight into the topic.

Alright guys so as you’ve just heard we will be using Facebook to get paid today but you really want to stick with me because I have another platform we will be combining with Facebook to make this work. Anyhow your first step is to create a Facebook account now. I know that the vast majority of you already have one but if you don’t then go ahead and create one add a profile picture and a cover photo and you’re good to go from there once you have your account created what you need to do from there is click on this plus located in the upper right corner and then on the group, this will now bring you over to this page and as you may guess we will be indeed creating a group guys and while this is confusing for now when you reach the end of this article it will all be crystal clear. I promise with that said the group you will be creating needs to be in the make money online niche and so the name of the group has to be along the lines of making money online.

Next thing you need to do is set the group on the public. This means that people don’t need to be members of the group to be able to see everything in the said group like the post and who are the members the last thing, you will need to make sure to add a few members. Once you create your group your next step is to add a nice cover picture relating to making money online there. If you don’t know where to get Facebook covers then you have a few options for you the first one is using a site that most of you already know about which is called canva.com. Canva is essentially a designer’s website where you can for free design a bunch of stuff they range from website designs to posters presentations facebook covers which is exactly what we’re after and so on. In any case, what you want to do when you come to canva is create an account. Once you create your account to create a Facebook cover just search over templates there and select Facebook covers doing just that will bring you over to this page and you now just have to find a fitting template for your make money online group. Just see which one you think fits best and select on it. Then you need to click on use this template and that’s it canva will now bring you to the customization page and on this page, you will need to write what you did so you make money online like.

Finally when done click on download in the upper right corner to download it to your pc then just come back to the Facebook group click on edit then upload the photo and upload the cover to your group with that. Out of the way let me now reveal to you the site that we’ll be paying us today the site in question is called offervault.com. Some of you may have heard about this and know what it is but I know many of you haven’t so let me briefly explain offervault is an affiliate marketplace where you can find many offers that will pay you for promoting them. For those of you who are familiar with affiliate marketing, you most probably have heard about Clickbank and digistore24, both of these are awesome affiliate sites. But they lack CPL or cost per lead offers and offervault as you may guess has them the thing with CPL offers is that as the name suggests you get paid per lead. So in other words you just need people to sign up to some website for absolutely free this is in stark contrast to offers you can find on digistore24 and ClickBank that literally requires someone to buy a product for you to get paid. Since convincing someone to buy something is much harder you will easily be able to get far more people to your affiliate link using CPL offers than otherwise would be the case this is why offervault is a perfect website for you to use.

Anyways your first step on offervault is to click on register to create an account then just enter in your first and last names, email address, your password, your country, and click on submit now to create your brand new account. Now that you have your account you will be able to get affiliate links for offers. But we will be focusing on gift cards in particular and I will explain why in a second what you need to do first is click on categories there then select CPL and with that same filter applied to search for gift cards. This will now show you people who are offering free gift cards and gift card offers are the way to go guys simply because everyone would love to earn some free money. This is also why we made a make money online group in the first place. Because people in that group will surely be interested in free gift cards and all those people have to do for you to get paid is sign up for free on the website. They then have a chance to win a free gift card while you get paid. So literally everybody wins in this situation. What you need to do now is grab an affiliate link from a gift card offer.

When you grab your link. your next step now is to come over to your email account first and then we’ll come back over to Facebook now email believe it or not guys are a huge part of this strategy and what you need to do is create a brand new email account for this purpose or use one where you don’t receive any messages at all either way what you need to do there is click on settings then on see all settings from there scroll down to the bottom until you come across the vacation responder as you can see right there sends an automated reply to incoming messages and what you will need to do is turn it on. This is why I said you’ll most likely need a brand new account for this.

Now what will be in the actual reply you will just type below and you’ll want to type something along these lines guys you want the name of the message to be congratulations and write in the actual message something along the lines of you can win a free amazon gift card by clicking on the link below. You can perhaps add in how much the gift card is worth so whether it’s a 500 or a 1000 dollar one. But regardless you want to type a message like this and then add your affiliate link below using the vacation responder though begs. The question who will send us messages! well this is where Facebook comes in what you will need to do is post something in your group along these lines. So inform the people who are members that you are running a gift card giveaway and then tell them that if they want to participate they have to do the following steps like the post add 10 people to the group and finally contact you via email. This post will do two very important things for you.

First off it will bring members to your new group. Secondly and more importantly for people to receive the link to the gift card giveaway they have to contact you via email and every single time some of them do your vacation responder will send them the message that includes your affiliate link automatically this is a very unique way to get traffic to an affiliate link guys. That I don’t think you’ve ever seen anywhere and it’s a powerful method simply because you have to do this once and that’s literally all there is to it you’ll easily get a ton of clicks on your link and thus earn a lot of money. Now what you can do when the giveaway concludes is get more affiliate links to more giveaways from offervault and promote them in the same fashion and as I said before everyone wins in this scenario. You get to earn a lot of money in passive income and people get a chance to earn a free gift card. Anyway with that said we’ve reached the end of today’s topic. if you liked it as always show your appreciation by giving comments about this article.

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you all soon in some of my newer tutorials

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