Bendable iPhones Will Launch In 2021

As famous smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei are among the first to introduce foldable smartphones, it looks like Apple fans will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a foldable iPhone or iPad.

UBS analysts claim that Apple will announce a foldable iOS smartphone by 2021 based on an overview of the IP file of the iPhone manufacturer. But it might not be an iPhone, as experts say a folding tablet might come first.

Apple also filed a number of patents for folding technologies, including one for which the firm was awarded a folding cover and a mobile computer monitor in May. The pictures accompanying the patent show a tablet-shaped computer that folds halfway like a book. Apple’s patent filing, which emerged in February, also identifies a modular monitor system, with images that seem to monitor a mobile folded in half from top to bottom.

UBS has commissioned a global mobile survey to gauge consumer curiosity in folding phones and found that Apple’s folding phone is unlikely to have a significant impact on purchasing plans. Customer smartphones. According to the UBS Evidence Lab survey, 58 percent of smartphone users said that a foldable Apple would not affect their purchasing plan. However, of the 34 percent of respondents who are interested in folding smartphones, 72 percent claim that an Apple folding phone should be used.

The findings of the survey come as Samsung and Huawei plan to launch their respective folding smartphones, which will be among the first users to be able to shop. Samsung’s approximately $2,000 Galaxy Fold was initially planned for release in April. But the company delayed its launch until September after a limited number of testers had struggled with the handset. Huawei has said that the launch of its foldable Mate X would be postponed due to carrier approval tests, according to Reuters. This handset, scheduled for June, is likely to be released in September.

Originally published at on October 1, 2020.