These push-ups variations will not only help you learn how to do a push-up correctly and how to get better at pushups. But also increase your strength such that you can increase your count progressively. I have summed up all the exercises that anyone can perform to increase push strength.

In 1895, HG Wells published ‘ The Time Machine’. This extraordinary novel of anticipation appears a few years before the end of the 63-year reign of the prudish Queen Victoria, which precedes by only a few years the end of the unchallenged reign of… Newtonian physics. In fact, Albert Einstein…

As famous smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei are among the first to introduce foldable smartphones, it looks like Apple fans will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a foldable iPhone or iPad.

UBS analysts claim that Apple will announce a foldable iOS smartphone by 2021…


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